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Advantages of Swimming

Category : Health

Well, what is swimming? Many phrases are used to explain swimming. It is basically the immersion and buoyancy in a large water body. The water body, may include, a swimming pool or an ocean and rivers/dams too. In ancient times few people had knowledge about swimming pools, thus they depended on natural sources for swimming. Nowadays people have more knowledge about swimming pools. They are included during the construction of, homes, office blocks and hotels. Having a swimming pool close to you, with no restrictions attached is a luxury. This has increased the level of swimming pool supplies all over the World. The benefits of swimming may range from, health benefits to social benefits. Doctor have even prescribed swimming to some of their patients. Advantages of swimming range from;

  1. Release of pressure from our muscles.

The human body is known to contain weight. What supports this weight? It is the work of the muscles and joints to support the weight of a human body. The muscles move a lot at any particular time. This leads to creation and accumulation of pressure on the joints.

During swimming over 88% of the body weight is supported by the water. It is attributed to the buoyancy. It gives the muscles and joints a free period to relax. During the relaxing period, pressure is released from the muscles. Doctors have attributed rigidity and stiffness in muscles and joints to excess pressure. Arthritis patients suffer from this condition. Swimming is used as remedy and cure to arthritis too.

  1. Strengthens the human muscles.

Though swimming is a low energy exercise, it is known to strengthen muscles. Swimming involves the movement of arms and legs in a synchronized movement. The movement creates the forward and backward thrust during swimming. Other parts of the body e.g., the waist and the neck are also in motion.

Water counters the human thrust in a negative motion. In order to counter the waters negative motion, the swimmer needs to produce a thrust greater to that of water and in a negative direction. In this process the muscles become stronger.

  1. Reduction of weight.

A greater percentage of the population in the World eat junk food. Junk food has become readily available in hotels and fast food cafes. These foods contain a high level of fats and proteins. The body is unable to break these foods into simpler molecules for easy absorption. In the process the digested foods are stored in form of fats and amino acids in the body. The end result is obesity.

In order to counter this effect, weight loss is regularly advised. It is always advisable to seek medical help before engaging in weight loss exercises. Swimming is mostly recommended when it comes to loss of weight. More calories are burned during swimming compared to many exercises. In addition during swimming the body is not prone to sweating. Water regulates body temperatures automatically. In swimming one is prone to less risks too. This makes swimming effective when it comes to weight loss.

Swimming is advised since it protects your body from many diseases. They include, cancer, heart attack, heart failure, diabetes, arthritis, clogged blood vessels, obesity etc.